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2021 Nutcracker

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12 minutes ago, On Pointe said:

I'd be all for flesh-colored tights if the colors were more flattering.  In every instance I've seen,  the shades are too dark.  For example,  in the photo of Amanda Morgan,  her legs look about two shades darker than her arms.  There's also the issue of visibility.  Dark tights and shoes,  in my opinion,  obscure the dancer's line.  There needs to be a lot more tinkering with materials and shades before flesh colors look good.  When white dancers wear light tights,  their natural skin tones come through and add dimensionality.  Dark tights on dark skin look flat.  Maybe the solution is to use tights that are a couple of shades lighter than the dancer's skin,  perhaps with some shimmer added.

There are many brands of tights/nylons that now make shimmery tights. I myself bought myself a pair of Wolford Neon 40s. They look particularly good on singers like Beyonce, who are known to wear the shiny tights. When I saw Moulin Rouge I noticed most of the dancers were wearing the shiny, flesh-colored tights. I wonder why ballerinas don't wear them. They are flattering on darker-toned skin.

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I feel like part of it could be that, even on white dancers, we're used to pink tights looking a couple shades lighter than their skin tone unless they have exceptionally pale skin. They don't really give the illusion of a nude leg (or at least it has never felt that way to me).


In NYCB's fall season, it looked to me like the dancers of colors who opted for non-pink tights/shoes went with shades that were a bit lighter than their skin tones. 

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5 hours ago, fondoffouettes said:

They don't really give the illusion of a nude leg (or at least it has never felt that way to me).

No, they really don't. Even on the palest redhead, standard ballet tights will be lighter than her skintone, except in those cases when swan maidens or wilis apply white body makeup. And pale peach pointe shoes don't match anyone's skintone either, which is clearly visible whenever dancers wear unpowdered pointe shoes on bare legs.

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By the way,  NBC Nightly News had a feature on NYCB's Nutcracker tonight,  with an emphasis on how they had to cast taller,  older children this year,  because when rehearsals began,  children under twelve couldn't be vaccinated.  I thought that the little girl who played one of the Maries was especially good in her interview.  But even though NYCB has more Black dancers than any other major ballet company,  not one was visible.

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16 hours ago, canbelto said:

When I saw Moulin Rouge I noticed most of the dancers were wearing the shiny, flesh-colored tights. I wonder why ballerinas don't wear them.

I would expect ballet dancers to avoid them because they will make their legs look heftier than they really are. Dancers already suffer over ballet pink and white tights under bright lights making their legs look heavier than reality.

I have to laugh (bitterly) when I read about certain male dancers in white tights being described as "beefy", when I know for a fact that they are actually rail thin.

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Saw the 2021 stream. Overall, I thought the principals were better than last year's stream. Thought Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan and Kyle Davis were very elegant in the grand pas de deux. I also thought having Tea dressed up as a big bug solved the issue of Tea without any surgery to Balanchine's choreo. 

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Halfway through the stream; even my 1-year-old is enthralled! One interesting (pandemic) detail is that all of the snowflakes were unmasked except for one with a white mask. I think that, production-wise, they've done a great job of incorporating masks that flow with the costumes. Was it Juliet Prine in the front of Snow who had the lovely smile?

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PNB posted to Instagram that today's (Dec 26) performances are on:



📣 SNOW in Seattle! The December 26 performances of The Nutcracker will go on as scheduled today.

The PNB Box Office is not open for regular business hours, staff will be focused on the performances at McCaw Hall today. Patrons who are not able to make it to McCaw Hall are welcome to leave a message at 206.441.2424 or email tickets@pnb.org and we will return your message as soon as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

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