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Royal Ballet 2021/2022 season cinema and streaming dates

Lynette H

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The Royal have announced the following cinema dates for ballet - casting as given at present 

The Nutcracker  Thurs 9 Dec 7:15 live

(Takada, Corrales, Saunders, Gasparini, Acri)

Romeo and Juliet Mon 14 Feb 7:15 - not live, recorded earlier, but it's Valentines day..

(O'Sullivan, Sambe)

Swan Lake Thurs 19 May 7:15 live

(Cuthbertson, Bracewell)

The following programmes will also be streamed

The Dante Project (McGregor)   - recorded but not yet available to purchase on the ROH site yet (they may be adding in details of Watson's final curtain call). Streams are usually available for 30 days after initial transmission

Giselle available from 3 Dec for a month. Cast being filmed is Naghdi, Ball, Nunez.

For programs later in the year, there are indications that the triple Abraham/ Pite / Wheeldon in late March / April is being filmed, and also the Ashton triple in late April /May (Scenes de Ballet, Month in the Country, Rhapsody) whether for cinema or streaming is not stated.

There's no indication yet if Wheeldon's new full length Like Water for Chocolate in June is being filmed




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Thank you for this information, @Lynette H. I am glad to read that the Royal Ballet plans to continue streaming, because for several years nearly all of North America has been without the Royal Ballet in cinemas. (Indeed, Canadian cinemas have also abandoned the Bolshoi, which had been screening in Canada from 2010 until the pandemic struck.) For many of us, streaming is now our only option short of visiting London in person.

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