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Oh my, I haven’t laughed that much in the past year and a half.  My favorite was the Bolshoi bow, which lasted longer than the ballet.  And based on his Odette bow, he’d be a gorgeous white swan.  Thanks so much for posting; this one gets a bookmark.

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Fun and interesting, thanks. I like the little look he gives during the "Bolshoi Male" bows. The "Bow to Tokyo Audiences" with all the hand waving instantly reminded me of the YouTube drum prodigy Yoyoko, who begins and ends most videos with a wave of her drum stick. I suppose that is a thing in Japan. "Bow After Dancing Poorly" - I think we've all seen that one.

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Excellent, thanks! 

I thoroughly enjoyed that. 

Another one we see a lot here in Germany is the "Tanztheater" bow (not to be confused with the Pina Bausch bow), where the dancers line up and roll /bend far forward with straight knees, their arms and hands nearly touching the floor, and they sort of stay there for a few seconds, causing wonderment in the audience if all is well with the dancers.


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