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American National Ballet in Vanity Fair

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12 hours ago, Balletwannabe said:

too bad it's not fictional.

About halfway through the article I thought "OMG what a deliciously lurid miniseries this would be!" 

That being said, I hope no one goes there out of respect for the parties involved, particularly Doug Benefield's daughter—judging from her tiktok posts, she's in considerable pain.

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I watched the 48 Hours piece about the Benefield case tonight,  and found it oddly uninformative.  Ashley Benefield has been charged with murder,  but she's out on bail and her trial won't occur for months.  Meanwhile there are defendants all over the country charged with far lesser crimes who haven't been convicted yet,  but they've been languishing in jail for years.  There were some nice visuals of the dancers though.

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