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Arch enhancement?

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Recently I have become aware of the existence of these arch enhancing prosthetic pads that fit over the top of the foot to give the appearance of a more arched foot. The reason I ask is that I have noticed a particular dancer whose foot seems to have become much more arched when you compare her older vs newer videos on YouTube. Now I am not a dancer, just a lifelong ballet fan, so I’m in no way qualified to make a judgment, but if true, this seems like cheating to me. The questions I have for those of you more in the know are, how widespread is the use of these devices, do professional dancers actually use them, and if not can a dancer’s arch change to become more arched naturally as he/she matures over the course of their career?

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7 minutes ago, lmspear said:

Without a corresponding increase in the curve on the bottom of the foot the "enhancers" are just adding bulk to the top of foot.  I find it unattractive.

Before I knew of their existence (quite recently) I would sometimes look at dancers’ feet and think “I don’t understand the shape of that foot? or How is THAT foot fitting in that shoe? Or “Those feet look odd...” etc.

There may BE some dancers out there with unexpectedly shaped feet or peculiarly fitting shoes, but I have concluded that much of the time the problem is these enhancements. I just didn’t know that that is what I was registering...

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54 minutes ago, Marta said:

I have read that Osipova uses them but have never noticed it either in person or in photos.  Lamb's  pix above look  particularly strange.

They are visible inher younger photos. She doesn't use them anymore because her feet have such huge bunions.




Her pointe shoes now:


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48 minutes ago, Marta said:

Canbelto, thanks for that photo of young Osipova.  Her pointe shoes are always super grungy.

I sat down in front several years ago when Osipova did Don Q and was shocked at how dirty her shoes (and many others) looked. I was reminded of a constant complaint from the commentator Dick Button at figure skating competitions that the skate boots of the Russians were always so dirty. Puzzling. Do they not care? Can they not afford clean shoes/boots?

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