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Checking my local TV listings, I saw this, for Bravo tonight:

Les Ballets Trockadero   


Bravo Apr 14 09:00pm  Add to My Calendar

Special/Other, 120 Mins.

An all-male ballet troupe comically performs segments from ``Swan Lake (Act II),'' ``Les Sylphides,'' and ``Le Grande Pas de Quatre.'' From the Masion de la Danse in Lyon, France.

Original Airdate: April 21, 2002.

Not sure how one can see something on April 14 which will be originally aired on April 21, but I have great faith in miracles of modern technology! I'll certainly have the VCR up and running for this -- their Les Sylphides is a hoot, or at least it was 20 years or so ago, when last I saw it.

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I am so happy!:) Thanks sooooo much for the reminder. We saw them at The Joyce two years ago and loved every minute. These guys are good. Don't forget to get your hankies out if they perform The Dying Swan!:)

P.S. Manhattanik, don't you feel you ought to share this with the whole board and place it under announcements?

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