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Tahoe Dance Camp

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There's a new entity titled the Tahoe Dance Camp, which is (of course) looking for funding to support yearly activities. SFB's Sarah Van Patten is the driving force behind this camp - she lives in the Lake Tahoe area for a portion of the year, and that was where she disappeared to for both her pregnancy leaves.

"Tahoe Dance Camp was conceived by Sarah Van Patten in the spring of 2020 while sheltering in place at her home in North Lake Tahoe during the Covid-19 pandemic..."

"...Classical Tahoe has graciously extended their venue for our use this season for a single evening performance. Scheduled for July 24th, it will provide a great introduction of Tahoe Dance Camp to the North Lake Tahoe area. I am thrilled to offer a program that showcases the highest level of San Francisco Bay Area dancers, world renowned choreographers, and phenomenal musicians."



Sarah Van Patten, Creator of Tahoe Dance Camp
Alton Allen, Sound and Music Designer
Charmaine Butcher
Frances Chung
Jim French, Lighting Designer
Luke Ingham
Babtunji Johnson
Elizabeth Mateer
Alexander Reneff-Olson
Valentina Reneff-Olson
Dwight Roden
Danielle Rowe
Garen Scribner, Producer
Joseph Walsh
Clifford Williams
Harriet Jung and Reid Bartelme, Costume Designers

Fundraising URL:



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