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Tahoe Dance Camp

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There's a new entity titled the Tahoe Dance Camp, which is (of course) looking for funding to support yearly activities. SFB's Sarah Van Patten is the driving force behind this camp - she lives in the Lake Tahoe area for a portion of the year, and that was where she disappeared to for both her pregnancy leaves.

"Tahoe Dance Camp was conceived by Sarah Van Patten in the spring of 2020 while sheltering in place at her home in North Lake Tahoe during the Covid-19 pandemic..."

"...Classical Tahoe has graciously extended their venue for our use this season for a single evening performance. Scheduled for July 24th, it will provide a great introduction of Tahoe Dance Camp to the North Lake Tahoe area. I am thrilled to offer a program that showcases the highest level of San Francisco Bay Area dancers, world renowned choreographers, and phenomenal musicians."



Sarah Van Patten, Creator of Tahoe Dance Camp
Frances Chung
Alton Allen, Sound and Music Designer
Ulrik Birkkjaer
Charmaine Butcher
Frances Chung
Adji Cissoko
Shuaib Elhassan
Jahna Frantziskonis
Jim French, Lighting Designer
Anatalia Hordov
Luke Ingham
Babtunji Johnson
Harriet Jung and Reid Bartelme, Costume Designers
Alonzo King, Choreographer
Elizabeth Mateer
Benjamin Millepied, Choreographer
Nathaniel Remez
Alexander Reneff-Olson
Valentina Reneff-Olson
Justin Peck, Choreographer
Dwight Roden, Choreographer
Danielle Rowe
Garen Scribner, Producer
Andrea Schermoly, Choreographer
John-Paul Simoens
Jennifer Stahl
Helgi Tomasson, Choreographer
Joseph Walsh
Wei Wang
Christoper Wheeldon, Choreographer
Clifford Williams
WanTing Zhao

Fundraising URL:



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Rachel Howard has written an article for the SF Chronicle's Datebook titled, Tahoe Dance Camp, At First A Pandemic-inspired Workshop, Ready For Adventurous Debut Performance

'...Onstage, then, Tahoe Dance Camp’s performance promises a view of the leading edge in contemporary ballet. But behind the scenes, the working atmosphere it created may also offer a vision of a more cooperative, woman-centered and family-embracing ballet culture. Twelve adults and five children under the age of 5 ended up sheltering together during the two “dance camps,” with Rowe’s daughter Gigi, just 6 months old, strapped to her for much of the day as Rowe choreographed.

“We’d hold our morning class, and every so often a kid would run across the studio or call for mom,” recalled Chung, a principal who joined San Francisco Ballet 20 years ago and gave birth to her first child six months before the pandemic. “We’re professionals, though, so we could switch back and forth.”'


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Here are some fun photos and descriptions from Tahoe Dance Camp participants...

Frances Chung
"...Perhaps you don’t see all the logistics that had to be figured out, the tears shed by babies and adults alike, and the frustration and worry still of the unknown, however, one cannot deny these are the experiences that shape and form us as humans.
When I step on stage tomorrow I hope for it to be an expression of all things learned in life and dance in the last two years. I hope time stands still. To all the dancers I get to share the stage with: we have nothing to lose and everything to gain


Joseph Walsh
"A year and some change ago, something extremely special happened in the midst of a time that felt like nothing good could happen. Sarah Van Patten called a zoom with some buds after one of the numerous @sfballet zooms in which we struggled to find some way to dance again. With almost no hope, I joined the call just to keep busy. Little did I know what would come from that first brainstorm. Sarah invited myself and 14 or so others to stay at her place in Tahoe (I shared a bunk bed room with @babatunji @lukeingham @garenscribner and @vallady … it was epic). We all tested and yada yada yada… you know how these protocols go, and were able to live together for weeks and just create. We created with absolutely no pressure, among friends (and lots of babies). I learned so much from this experience, not just as an artist, but as a collaborator, dance maker, artistic coordinator, editor, wardrobe assistant, and most of all baby sitter."


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