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Dancer doppelgangers

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I was watching Mayara Piniero in the Allegro Brillante that PA Ballet streamed and to me she resembles Paloma Herrera both in looks and style. If you covered one's face and told me the other was dancing, I'd believe you.

Does anyone else have these dancer doppelgangers? A dancer who looks and dances very much like another dancer?

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Marguerite Porter bore a striking facial resemblance to Fonteyn. I don't believe she danced like Fonteyn or on that "level"--and I vaguely suspect that the resemblance may have ultimately hobbled her career at the Royal as well as helping it. But a much closer Royal Ballet watcher than myself would have to weigh in....

Croce remarked Stephanie Saland's resemblance to Kirkland--and I agree, though Saland seemed to me a more...well...glamorous version. In this case I'd say a facial and bodily resemblance, which meant that their lines sometimes looked similar, or to me they did,  I don't know that it went further than that...



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