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Being a Ballerina: A new book (plus interview with the author, Gavin Larsen)

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Gavin Larsen is a first-time author who has just published a memoir about - as the title so precisely expresses - Being a Ballerina: The Power and Perfection of a Dancing Life

I highly recommend this book for aspiring dancers who wish to have insight into the industry, as well as current or retired professionals who will find so much detail, emotion, and experience that they can relate to. As the author herself suggests, although the stories are (obviously) about ballet, anyone who is passionate about something in particular will be able to see themselves in her writing.

Larsen is an excellent storyteller - in fact, you may have already read her in Pointe or Dance Teacher, publications for which she is a contributor.

Here's the link to read more about Gavin, an interview with her, and links to purchase her book should you feel inspired to do so :)

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I've got it on my calendar to order it from a local bookstore as soon as it's released.  (They have a tendency to ignore instructions to hold the rest of my order and ship together if I place a pre-order.)

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Here are links to two podcast interviews with Larsen:

Conversations on Dance, with Michael Breeden and Rebecca King Ferraro



The Dance Edt Podcast, starting a little before the 27" mark:


There's also an interview transcript here:



Edited to add:

Here's link to Larsen's Facebook author page:


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"Interview – Former dancer Gavin Larsen on writing Being a Ballerina, the Power and Perfection of Dancing Life: Marina Harss, Fjord Review"

"If you had a son or a daughter, would you want them to become a dancer?"

"Yes. Yes, absolutely. It’s the most glorious feeling. To feel that kind of exuberance and beauty, full power and extension and stretch and the marriage with music while you’re doing it, and then the community of other people who feel that same thing. It’s priceless. Everyone should dance. Everyone should let their soul sing. I mean, the hard things about ballet are hard. But, as I said, never ever did it even occur to me that there was a question of the balance between input and output, until the very, very end."

(Thanks to Ian Macmillan at BalletcoForum)

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