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National Ballet of Canada 2021-2022 season

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This morning I received a questionnaire from the National Ballet of Canada. They say quite clearly that they expect to start performing in their Toronto theater in November 2021, and they asked about several things. Would we feel comfortable if they required masks? distancing? sanitation? etc. I don't see anything on their web page yet, except that they will return for the 2021-22 season when it's safe.

One problem right now is that travelers from the US are still banned. I'm supposed to go to a meeting in Montreal in November and friends there say they are desperate to make enough progress that we can be admitted. I have my vaccinations and expect to be wearing masks for the indefinite future. I am hoping they figure out the vaccination passport soon to make international travel a bit more feasible. With the right programming, I'd be delighted to travel to Toronto. I saw them in that theater a few years ago and it's a great city to visit.


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