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New postal stamp with La Sylphide

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The national Danish postal service has launched a series of stamps celebrating the Golden Age (appr. 1800-1850 - a blossoming period of Danish culture, science and arts). One of the five motives is Bournonville's La Sylphide, showing the sylphide in her iconic listening posture, as a representative of the performing arts. I love the idea and I am proud on Bournonville's behalf, though I am not particularly fond of the drawing itself. Among the other motives are the steam locomotive "Odin" representing the industrial revolution and Thorvaldsens Museum representing the visual arts. 
See for yourself:  https://www.postnord.dk/siteassets/pdf/filateli/dk1_2021_frimaerken_januar_dk.pdf  

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I'm afraid Erik Bruhn was never honored with a stamp. Actually, ballet related stamps are rather seldom. The latest examples are the beautiful "double stamp" celebrating the Bournonville Festival and Bournonville's 200 years birthday in 2005: http://frimaerker.ptt-museum.dk/frimaerke/1417/dk-1434

And before that we had the 200 anniversary of Galeotti's ballet "Amor og Balletmesterens Luner" (Cupid and Ballet Master's Whim) in 1986: http://frimaerker.ptt-museum.dk/frimaerke/881/dk-0873

Before that, Bournonville was celebrated in 1979 (the 100 anniversary of his death): http://frimaerker.ptt-museum.dk/frimaerke/690/dk-0691



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