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ENERGY Review (Ballet Arizona)

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I thought that the filming itself was meant to make it more energetic, but I thought the frequent cutting back and forth between the long shot, the one that is a bit closer, and the close-ups, was jarring.  Because they were wearing masks, the only way they could express themselves using their faces were through the eyes, and the camera was never on their eyes long enough to lock on them.  For me it needed to be more static to let the dancers' energy come through.

I appreciated the intro segments and the trailer for The Four Seasons, which will premiere at the Botanical Gardens.  I also found the corporate section really interesting, especially since Phoenix has a world class Opera (shared with Tucson) and Ballet company, and a superb symphony. It sounds more like they need businesses in the area to recognize and appreciate it, rather than create it, like in many cities have to.  And to fund it so that Ib Andersen has more than $1000 for scenes and costumes for a new ballet.

I really liked the dancing though, and I loved the music Iovino used for Abrarzo.  I hope to be able to see both works in person.  I would love to be able to see The Four Seasons, too.

There was a short trio at the 31" mark in the video, I think the last movement of Abrazo.  There were two women and a man.  One of the women looked like Spear.  Does anyone know who the other two dancers are?

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I'm not so familiar with the dancers nor can I recall the trio you reference, but here is the casting for Abrazo - is this helpful?

1st Movement: Tiffany Chatfield, Eastlyn Jensen, Helio Lima, Alejandro Mendez, Ricardo Santos
2nd Movement: Katherine Loxtercamp, Alison Remmers, Ana Maria Spear, Serafín Castro, Alberto Morales Perez, Ethan Price
Tiffany Chatfield, Helio Lima
3rd Movement: Katherine Loxtercamp, Helio Lima, Ethan Price
4th Movement: All

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