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Marguerite and Armand

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I will always remember Melanie Nix in the 2004 issue of Dance Europe exclaiming: "They say writing a good review is harder than writing a bad one -- possibly because you sit mesmerized and then forget quite how you got to such a hypnotic state". Such was the case as I -- as if for the first time -- basked in the Marguerite and Armand pas de deux video featuring Sergei Pounin and Tamara Rojo. Filmed in the most refined high definition, I was seized by a swell of hope that there might yet be a return of the art form to live performance -- even to the inclusion of a live audience. And then out of some well within, bubbled up a little Shakespeare: "Now is the Winter of our discontent ". Indeed.  And a little Thomas Paine as well: "these are times that try men's souls". They are. Even so, I wanted to write "something" on this wonderful Ballet Alert and not allow my creative spirit to collapse under the weight of the mere verdict of my senses. 

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