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SFB 2021 Miscellaneous

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SF Ballet School Auditions Students Virtually for the 2021 Summer Session

"This year, auditioning students had two options: participate in a live ballet class audition over Zoom, or send in a recorded video. The School offered 16 Zoom auditions and had just over 700 students attend. Another 100 students have submitted recorded videos—and all are vying for 120 spots in the School’s summer session."


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Kimberly Marie Olivier talks about diversification in the ballet world -

Exploring ballet: Ballerina’s journey toward diversifying the art form



SF Ballet’s 2021 Visiting Scholar, Nyama McCarthy-Brown, PhD, presents her research, Skin Colored Pointes: Women of Color in Ballet


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Today's sobering e-mail from SFB:

Dear SF Ballet Advocates,

As many news outlets have recently reported, the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has been targeted in a growing number of racially motivated attacks. On Friday, February 26, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it would investigate the rising tide of hate crimes against Asian Americans. In addition, members of our SF Ballet community have experienced a range of hate activity as part of their everyday activities that is disturbing and unacceptable. We stand in solidarity with our AAPI community. 

We join others within the arts community in sharing the following resources and inviting you to become an advocate for stopping hate wherever and whenever it occurs in our community.


We realize that this is just one step in developing our will and commitment to showing up as authentic partners for all our communities, throughout and beyond crises. Below, we have offered some resources to share.

  • Connect with the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (@cccsanfrancisco) for resources to support Chinatown.
  • Visit http://StopAPPIHate.org for more on how to stay informed, act, and stand together to show up for the Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander community.
  • Sign up to volunteer to escort AAPI elders in Oakland here.
  • If you know of anyone who has been affected by hate violence, urge them to report it here.
  • A useful toolkit is available from the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.
  • Elevate anti-hate solidarity by using these hash-tags on social media: 




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On 4/8/2021 at 7:21 PM, pherank said:

Mathilde Froustey is pregnant. After a few miscarriages (reported by Mathilde on IG), this pregnancy seems to be A-OK. Congratulations!


Wow, I'm so happy for her!  I remember a few months back she linked to a podcast she gave about struggling with infertility. It was so heartbreaking to hear how she really felt she gave up so much to dance, so I'm glad she was able to get pregnant after what seemed like many many ups and downs.

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On a less happy note... dancers at SFB have reacted to the death of Liam Scarlett with some nice tributes:

Madison Keesler

Misa Kuranaga

Joseph Walsh

Ellen Rose Hummel

Frances Chung

Helgi Tomasson:

I'm including these comments and photos "for the record". Any discussion of Mr. Scarlett really should go here, please.

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A thank you from the SFB organization:

"San Francisco Ballet is grateful to our elected officials and civic organizations for remembering that the arts and artists matter. Because of your advocacy and legislation, we’ve been able to safely create and keep our audiences engaged. Thank you!"

Various staff participate in the video, talking about how things have gone over the past year.

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8 hours ago, Jane Simpson said:

Ulrik Birkjaer leads a group of SFB dancers for a short visit to Copenhagen in September - details and programme here

Great find, Jane Simpson. The loose translation:

"Join us on a journey through the history of ballet, when eleven solo dancers from the San Francisco Ballet unfold great dramas and intimate moments across three centuries. København Danser (Copenhagen Dancer) has put together a sumptuous program that includes both the ballet's major highlights and completely new works created on the occasion of the festival.

Audiences will feel the buzz of history in the excerpt of Le Corsaire pas de deux, created by the founder of the Russian ballet Marius Petipa more than two hundred years ago. They will experience how significant choreographers like George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins in the 1960s and 1970s renewed the ballet genre with masterpieces like Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and In the Night. In addition, three brand new works will have a world premiere when the young choreographers present their bid for the ballet in 2021.

Based on their own experiences as a woman, POC (Person of color) and LGBT activist, respectively, the three choreographers Danielle Rowe, Babatunji Johnson [LINES Ballet] and Myles Thatcher have created their personal works on equality and diversity. It is unusual for these kinds of narratives to be conveyed on stage because the most popular ballets were created many years ago where other ideals and norms were governing. But with great respect for the ballet's tradition, the solo dancers from the San Francisco Ballet will give the audience a taste of how modern ballet is on its way.

The San Francisco Ballet is among the best companies in the world, and Copenhagen Dancer artistic director Ulrik Birkkjær is a principal dancer with the American company in his everyday life. Look forward to seeing him and his colleagues on stage accompanied by live music from the acclaimed ensemble Trio Vitruvi."

[The Johnson, Rowe and Thatcher premieres are as yet unnamed. Note that Sebastian Kloborg, Maria Kochetkova's partner, is one of the artistic advisors of this festival.]

We could probably figure out who some of the dancers will be. Le Corsaire PDD has got to be Kuranaga and Greco. The website is showing images of Sofiane Sylve which is really interesting. Technically no longer a company member, but, If Sofiane is taking part then she may be dancing in Forsythe's In the Middle and Robbins' In the Night.

Thatcher tends to create on De Sola, so she's a possibility. I could see Frances Chung and Birkkjaer together in Tchai Pas. Tiit Helimets partnering Sofiane? (if she's actually participating)

Certain dancers have a real reason to return to Europe - to visit family and old friends. So I wonder if that will have something to do with the casting.

The new works are presumably group numbers. Or perhaps more PDD/TDD oriented to keep things simple?

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Kimberly Olivier confirmed on IG yesterday that she decided not to sign her contract for the coming year. She doesn't know what she'll be doing yet, but she wants to grow. 



Kimberly also posted a story of Jahna's final bow. 


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