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As I am steadfastly refusing to cave to the fear and paralysis associated with this Covid, I have, in my resolve, manage to "keep the faith" and continue to "stir the coals" associated with of our glorious art form. Lately, for example, I have become fascinated by those dance pioneers who have gone before us. Question. How does it happen that those creative giants often manage to shine even more brightly in death than in life? Does such formidable talent, like some fine wine, require an inordinate amount of time to age and ripen to be fully appreciated? Apparently. Even as they pass from this earthly realm into the next, they often manage to inherit an even greater measure of recognition and glory. So then, I might wonder at whom, among the vast spectrum of present day dancers, choreographers, etc., might also mystically ascend into that rarefied air as the icons of this generation, whose signature and legacy will likewise become even more profound with time and death? 

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Well, as long as "steadfastly refusing to cave to the fear and paralysis associated with this Covid," doesn't include "refusing to wear a mask in public and being obnoxious to store clerks who ask me to do so" and other risky behaviors, I'm with you. 

Well? Will anyone of this ballet generation ascend to Olympus, assuming they get to take the stage again? Thoughts?


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