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New York City Center — Fall for Dance 2020


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Marina Haars gives an enthusiastic review of the new Wheeldon/Mearns/Hallberg/Mitchell “The Two of Us”.

“Something in this process seems to have freed them all; I’ve never seen a more sincere, open-hearted, grounded work from Wheeldon. Or such natural performances from these dancers, particularly Hallberg. It’s hard even to remember steps, because everything feels so organic. The dancers look like themselves, moving not so much with but through the music, feeling its vibe, letting themselves be carried away by it the way a normal person might while listening to the radio.”


(Thanks to Dirac)

Added comment:

The first time, of many, that I viewed this work I said to myself that this might be the best from Christopher Wheeldon so far. Having only seen some of his works, I thought that this might be pushing it. Having read Marina Haars' comment above, maybe it's true. It's a commendable  balance between artistic creativity and natural abandon.

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