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Chun Wai Chan joins NYCB as soloist

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Furlan certainly deserves that promotion, based on what I saw of him in the fall and winter seasons. But I'm still waiting to hear more about Chun Wai Chan, and especially, is he tall? I can't think of any other reason he should be put ahead of Roman Mejia. Also, wouldn't Alec Knight be an obvious choice for soloist opportunities, and tall to boot? 

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17 minutes ago, Rock said:

There's quite a bit of Chun Wai Chan on Youtube. He appears to be in the almost-six-foot range and he's an experienced partner as well as a beautiful, elegant dancer. My guess is he's going to prove to be very useful. 

Thank you, Rock! I'll have to check it out on Youtube. That is all very good to hear, and I look forward to "meeting" this young man.

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I look forward to seeing more of him as well. From his Instagram account, he definitely looks to be on the taller side. Also very sharp  dancer.


It's definitely time for more promotions to principal. I think the last woman was Lauren Lovette in 2015, no? I'd love to see Phelan, Woodward and Gerrity move up. As for the men, certainly Furlan.

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Chun Wai is a lovely dancer, and Houston will be sad to see him go.  I'm sure he will make a great addition to the NYCB roster, though it feels like a strange time to hire someone with all the NYCB dancers laid off until summer.  As has often been discussed here, NYCB is way behind on promoting some of its own dancers, so I also wonder why that didn't take precedence. 

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On 10/27/2020 at 11:25 AM, nanushka said:

Do we know that NYCB dancers are indeed laid off (i.e. without pay) until summer?

The New Yorker article says that Indiana Woodward and Harrison Coll moved to California to live with her parents "

The couple had given up their New York apartments, and the next day they were flying to California, to stay with Woodward’s parents. “There was just no way we could pay our rent without a salary,” Coll said. While furloughed from the company, they would collect unemployment, or maybe teach remote dance lessons. “I’m from the city, and I’ve never lived anywhere else, so it’s weird for me,” Coll said. “When the company has stable employment for us, we’re going to be back in a flash.” 

It's worth a read


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