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Monday, September 28


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The judge in Alexandra Waterbury's suit dismisses most of her claims.


But because Ms. Waterbury was never a student or employee of City Ballet — and she was not a student at the school at the time of the “unconsented-to recordings” or text exchanges — the judge found that the company did not shirk responsibility and dismissed claims of negligence against it. The judge also said the plaintiff did not bring forward specific allegations that the company had reason to know its employees had a propensity for such behavior, rejecting Ms. Waterbury’s claims of negligent hiring and retention at City Ballet.



But Manhattan Supreme Court Justice James D’Auguste tossed 19 of the 20 claims in the suit — many of which were against the NYCB, dancers Zach Catazaro and Amar Ramasar, and one-time ballet benefactor Jared Longhitano — finding they couldn’t be held responsible for Finlay sharing the photos.


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