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California Dreamin' -- Inn At The Opera and San Francisco Ballet

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In spite of the preponderance of talking heads shouting their professed expertise on the telley, especially as it relates to the Gordian Knot called politics (I refuse to participate in that "rage") I am yet strangely consumed by a kind of firestorm of creative anticipation to experience San Francisco Ballet. My inner child is just rockin' with joy at a time when I could easily be filled with self pity and singin' the blues. And the Inn At The Opera looks grand ! And although the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker has been cancelled for this December, the rest of their season has not. At least, it was not as of a phone call last week to one of their lively reresentatives. I confess to living in somewhat snooty but wonderful Santa Barbara, California 🙂 and am just far enough away from the Bay Area to Amtrak or fly my way north to experience my "castles in the sky". Three days of camping out at Inn At The Opera whilst l navigate my way around the magic and restorative power of live performance -- and on that level ! -- would bring a great surge of creative and spiritual renewal to my soul. Fingers crossed !

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