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On the Street Where You Live

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A significant aspect of this present hour -- that in large measure has "gone missing" -- is that distinct privilege to be in close physical proximity with those artists and the myriad of those individuals who provide support to those artists on so many levels. That often unspoken but oh so palpable essence that fairly radiates from so many countless faces who populate the great arena of dance. If, as someone once suggested, that "it is not what a man says that can be heard, but what he is that speaks so loud", then surely this glorious flower -- cette belle forme d'art -- is ablaze with that very genius. I will never forget the thrill of experiencing ABT performing Symphony In C at The Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Los Angeles and being equally smitten by both the production AND the audience ! As it turned out, too, I happened to be seated next to a delightful woman who had once danced with Balanchine. Live performance is for me a kind of a coming "home" where an unspoken kinship and refinement among those present invariably warms and supercharges my soul with a new hope for a new day. 


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