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I actually started the title with "Dance" just to get attention. This is one of the most clever and entertaining and likeable (maybe even loveable) television series that I've ever watched.

And yes there's even dance. Amy Sherman-Palladino's use of dance in Bunheads, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Gilmore Girls is worth taking a look at. Pherank suggested this here, which is where this topic began.


Drop in if you feel like it and we can maybe go delightfully and hearttouchingly crazy together. It might be fun and we can talk about dance -- too.


This morning (I'm into the second season at Amazon Prime (is Amazon Prime a good choice?)) Rory, the young 16-year-old-heroine joins a high school sorority that she doesn't want to. She just as soon drops out (I believe), because they are probably finks. I being true to me and Amy Sherman-Palladinoism think that the sorority girls are delightful, but we may never see them again.

Dance -- In the same episode Rory's mother does some disco with her mother at a fashion show. And there's more.


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36 minutes ago, Helene said:

The verbal tap-dancing between mother and daughter sometimes reminded me of Fred and Ginger.

You may have discovered a new genre. Actually I find Ginger and Fred (I want to be a gentleman) to be absolutely charming at all times, whereas  Lorelai and her mother together are sometimes more....Uhm ? (but still loveable). But you do make a good point (no that's ballet).

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Rock band AC DC lookalike joins the high school rock band. Perhaps the best laugh that I’ve had so far. He brings his wife and two kids to a town festival.

Dance: Not much that I recall. We’ll have to wait for “Bunheads.” There’s one opening scene for a dance marathon where a bunch of the series’ main actors, whom you didn’t think were capable of it, do some pretty snazzy, Grease-lke stuff.



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Over a month, almost every day and seven years of programs later. It ended on a high. That was nice.

Now for the return of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" with its more choreographic element. I do hope that they keep some of her language in check. Overall, it’s more mature structurally than "Gilmore Girls." 

Until then, it’s back to Fred and Ginger and an occasional  glance at Goldie Hawn’s “Butterflies  Are Free.”


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