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SFB Backstage - Articles, Videos and Podcasts

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One positive aspect of the quarantine period has been that SFB staff have been posting lots of articles and podcasts to the SFB website. Both the company and the school are being discussed. For a general listing, go to:

SFB Backstage

I've been noticing an improvement in the quality of the artist interviews - they delve deeper and seem to spend more time with people than before. Originally, the Meet the Artist interviews occurred just before an evening performance, so they tended to be short and superficial. But now I feel like I'm actually learning new things about life at the ballet.

Here are the most recent artist interviews:

Meet the Artist: Soloist and Choreographer Myles Thatcher

Meet the Artist: Principal Dancer Max Cauthorn

Meet the Artist: Soloist Ellen Rose Hummel

Meet the Artist: Principal Dancer Tiit Helimets

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