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SFB School during the 2020 Covid-19 Quarantine

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San Francisco Ballet School Goes Digital!

"It’s been an adventure to organize a dozen faculty members, eight pianists, and more than 500 students, but it all felt worth it when the first students tuned in with their own teacher and a pianist. Students of all levels joined from across the Bay Area, and advanced students joined from around the world, from places as far as Germany, Japan, and Spain."



SF Ballet School Explores Physical Restriction with Choreographer Didy Veldman

"...Then, choreographer Didy Veldman and the Royal Ballet School approached Armand with an ambitious proposal: an experimental choreographic project via Zoom incorporating over 120 students from all over the world, representing Canada’s National Ballet School, Dutch National Ballet Academy, Paris Opera Ballet School, and The Royal Danish Ballet School."



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