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Mariinsky 2020-2021 Season

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Seeing the clips that have been floating around Instagram, I was absolutely blown away by the latest DQ at Mariinsky with Shklyarov and Shakirova. He was especially amazing in the act I pd3 with some of the most glorious renversé I have ever seen to match his fiery performance. 

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Thanks for your comments, Ellecatalano. I’ve also enjoyed very much recent Don Quixote video clips with Nadezhda Batoeva and the Bolshoi’s young Elizaveta Kokoreva. I haven’t found any of Renata Shakirova, but I’m sure that she was excellent. Good to hear about Vladimir Shklyarov.

I’ve also been browsing the videos. In some older ones from the beginning of the year I’ve noticed Kumiko Ishii, who graduated the Vaganova, joined the company in 2013 and was the only female Mariinsky dancer from Asia (Japan) at that time. She is still in the Corps de Ballet. She graduated in the class of Ludmila Kovaleva, Diana Vishneva’s instructor, who praises her in another thirty minute video.

So what else is so special. She has a vibrant presence. She has a natural, luminous, radiant smile that carries through to the core of her body and motion. In groups of several featured dancers, this is very noticeable. Because she’s shorter limbed by Mariinsky standards she really has to have linear expression and lightness in her arms. In these videos she seems to be developing more of this and looks quite lovely.

I’d like to keep an eye on her.



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This is Yuri Fateev’s class today on World Ballet Day.


(Thanks to Sophia at Dansomanie)


These are the participants. Quite a list.

Alina Somova  Nadezhda Batoeva  Ekaterina Kondaurova  Mei Nagahisa  Victoria Tereshkina  Maria Khoreva  Ekaterina Chebykina  Maria Shirinkina  Daria Ionova

Kimin Kim  Evgeny Konovalo  Philip Stepin  Vasily Tkachenko  Nikita Korneev  Vsevolod Mayevsky  Roman Malyshev

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Gennady Naumovich Selyutsky

On October 29, the famous and much loved Mariinsky Ballet Master Gennady Naumovich Selyutsky passed away.

This was reported by Igor Kolb.


I was at a Gala in his honor several years ago at the Mariinsky Festival and it was one of its finest events in sixteen years. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to type out the entire program so that it could be seen on the internet. That’s how good I thought that it was.

His face seemed to be everywhere over the years.  

"Since 1991 he has worked as a ballet master and coach with artistes of the Mariinsky Ballet. He has rehearsed roles with Farukh Ruzimatov, Igor Zelensky, Konstantin Zaklinsky, Makhar Vaziev, Yulia Makhalina, Igor Petrov, Dmitry Korneyev, Andris Liepa, Alexander Kurkov, Biktor Baranov, Andrei Yakovlev (2nd), Leonid Sarafanov and Andrei Yakovlev (2nd), Igor Kolb, Leonid Sarafanov, Andrei Yakovlev and Ernest Latypov. He currently works with Danila Korsuntsev, Yevgeny Ivanchenko, Andrei Yermakov and Viktor Caixeta." 



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Some more fine video clips — Oxana Skorik with Andrei Yermakov — Romeo and Juliet

The first one is Oxana Skorik’s solo after taking the potent in her bed chamber. I’ve never seen her more maturely compelling in dance or portrayal. They say that the times can bring out the best or the worst in someone. In this case it’s the best, along with many other Russian ballet artists who’ve acknowledged the very challenging conditions that they’re working under and expressed their determination to do the very best that they can.


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There are a handful of videos of Saturday's Giselle performance featuring Nadezhda Batoeva and Kimin Kim. Kimin Kim remains my flagship for the ongoing return of the Russian (and World) ballet scene. He seems to consistently put everything that he has into his appearances and is doing it better than ever.

The evening was dedicated to Natalia Makarova, who was eighty years old that day. Apparently company acting artistic director, Yuri Fateev, gave a special presentation.  

The evening also included a dancer that I don't normally see, Shamala Guseinova, as Myrtha. She fit the role very well and I hope to see much more of her.

Maria Iliushkina, whose name I've not seen listed since her Swan Lake almost two months ago, returned as one of Myrtha's two helpers, Monna. It doesn't seem uncommon for her to be Odette-Odile (Swan Lake) one day and something like Myrtha's assistant (where I first noticed her several years ago) the next. In any case, it's great to see her again. She looked fine in her performance. She's scheduled to be the Dryad Queen (Don Quixote) this Saturday.
Nadezhda Batoeva is what being a 'Star' is all about. She simply shines a little bit brighter. She's has fine versatility, moving seamlessly from the vibrant Kitri (Don Quixote) to the transcendant Giselle. She's super-professional. I've mentioned several times that when I saw her first Swan Lake about 18 months ago, she looked like she'd been doing it all her life. Yet, she's never mechanical. There's always a spark in her consistant competence.

Annaewgn, if you're reading this, Vlada Borodulina, whom I've not seen very often, looked as fine as I've seen her. She performed the peasant Classical duet with Alexei Timofeyev (whom I always like). The video shows her soloing. She displays all the vibrance and ability that you described. Her jumps are, I believe, a strong point and they are very impressive here, graceful, airy and lofty.  
The Mariinsky and the Bolshoi have been back for over two months. They've been among the leaders in the performing arts' world in their persistance. Although there remain large challenges and questions, this is what they do. They do the best that they can to 'rise above it all.' I have to  wish them much success in  what they're trying to do and hope for the best. Things seem to be looking up generally. It's just how best to get there.

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