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The Return: SFB Company Class, August 2020

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OK, here's the official page on the SFB website regarding the return to the studios:


“When SF Ballet was granted the ability to begin socially distanced company class, dancers returned to the studios in groups of six,” explains Executive Director Kelly Tweeddale. “The SF Department of Public Health also requires interval testing and distancing of 12 feet between dancers.”

For the forum record, here is SFB's rules list for this quarantine period:

To conform to local and state guidelines, dancers in small cohorts are spread out among studios throughout the building, and classes are held in two distinct time slots. Screens in each studio simulcast the instructor. Because each studio is a discreet unit with its own air-handler, the cohorts in each studio are truly physically isolated from one another.

There is a rigorous protocol for everyone entering the SF Ballet building, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • A negative COVID-19 test result prior to the first building entry, followed by weekly testing
  • A temperature check and health screening given at the door
  • Dancers and staff wearing masks at all times (even while dancing!)
  • Social distancing (six feet at all times, 12 feet during class) being maintained at all times
  • Hand washing immediately after entering the building
  • Dancers interacting only with their cohort
  • Dancers proceeding directly to class and departing immediately afterward, via a different route through the building (dressing rooms are closed)
  • All facilities being thoroughly cleaned between classes
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