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Because one of the metrics for the size software package we have is the number of members, we routinely purge members with 0 posts who are listed as "Last active" of over a year ago, based on logged in usage.

Yesterday, I ran the usual logic as a query, spot-checked the results by looking in the last active column and confirming, and then completed the purge.

Something went terribly wrong with recognizing who had last activity in the last year, and it looks to me like all of the members with 0 posts were purged, regardless of when they were last active.

Purges are permanent, and I have just done damage to loyal members who don't post, but read us regularly.  The only remedy, if you find that you aren't recognized using the Forgotten Password function at the bottom of the login box, is to re-register.

I apologize, and I apologize again.


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