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Ballet in the Cold War

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My new book Ballet in the Cold War is coming out in a couple of weeks from Oxford University Press. You can find the link to the Oxford site here and to the Amazon page here. The book is about the first few years of exchange between the Soviet Union and the United States. It deals with the differences between how American and Soviet audiences saw ballet and what the political impact of the tours was. I hope you enjoy it!

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One of my favourite cold war ballet books is The Bolshoi Ballet by Yuri Slonimsky (1960).  In the chapter Our Point of View he states the following.

"the absence of heroes in capitalist society  has become an almost insurmountable obstacle on the path of choreographic development.  Many French, British and American ballets of today simply do without a hero,  The characters of such ballets are deprived of moral ideals since the authors cannot find any in the morals of the ruling classes."

That's telling us! :o


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