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Bournonville’s La Sylphide, Streaming Sunday, August 2, 2020 for a week(?)

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Ballet Arizona and the Phoenix Symphony will stream Bournonville’s La Sylphide, starting Sunday, August 2, 2020. Lately, BAZ has been advertising 24 hours only, but in reality, the Symphony has been leaving videos up for at least a week. They will be posted on the Phoenix Symphony’s youtube page:

WARNING: This video is incomplete (thanks, canbelto!), so you may want to defer watching until the video is (hopefully) fixed...Still busted as of late Wednesday, Aug 5 PM...


This production is from February, 2019, and shared the program with Ballet Arizona’s much heralded new production of The Firebird.

Choreography:                        August Bournonville

Staging:                                   Ib Andersen

Music:                                     Herman Severin Lovenskhold

Lighting:                                  Michael Korsch

Costume and Scenic Design:   David Walker

Costumes and Scenery:           Courtesy of Houston Ballet

The Phoenix Symphony conducted by Timothy Russell

Edited by fiddleback
Update 'busted' warning...
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Here’s the lead casting:

Act 1

The Sylph                                 Amber Lewis

Anna, a tenant                        Sasha Vincett

James, her son                        Helio Lima

Effy, her niece                         Arianni Martin

Nancy, Effy’s Friend                Colleen Buckley

Gurn, a young farmer             Serafin Castro

Madge, a fortune teller          Tzu Chia Huang

Act 2

Four Witches               Alberto Penalver, Erick Garnica, Enrique Solis, Adrian Durham

First Sylph                    Alison Remmers

Next two Sylphs           Colleen Buckley, Ana Maria Spear

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One of the more unique and amusing aspects of this ballet is the character of Madge, the fortune teller. One can only imagine that a young Ib Andersen growing up at the Royal Danish must have witnessed some rather creepy Madges over the years, and that they would have made a lasting impression (if not nightmares) for a child.

The character role of Madge is portrayed by the lovely Tzu Chia Huang, who had retired from Ballet Arizona several years prior to this 2019 performance. Ms. Huang had danced many lead roles, including Cinderella, Juliet, Odette/Odile, DonQ Mercedes, Rubies Tall Girl, and more.

Here’s a short compendium of some of her roles:

Ms. Huang said that Mr. Andersen spent a full four hours instructing her in meticulous detail on how to portray Madge. Judging by the video, she absorbed it all…

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