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Helen Pickett Covid Collaboration


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@dirac posted a link to an article about Helen Pickett's recent work with Boston Ballet dancers -- it dates back several weeks but I only caught up with it today and a search doesn't turn up any other discussion of it on this site. Pickett collaborated to create three short new digital works evoking the experience of sheltering in place during the pandemic. I'm posting a link to a more recent article about the work that was also shared on the balletcoforum site -- hoping to catch the eye of additional people.

From the article:

"'Home Studies'” is the first installment of a greater triptych and is composed of two duets and one solo, each piece exploring the experience of being 'cooped up' and how the emotions of that circumstance differ so greatly between individuals. Pickett also worked with British composer Peter Salem, who offered the stunning score for the pieces, as well as cinematographer and long-time Boston Ballet videographer Ernesto Galan to capture the project on film — both of whom donated their time and services along with the dancers for the sake of making art in this difficult time."

The article includes separate links to each separate section of the work (each a little over 3 minutes long). I especially liked the solo--with it's V-shaped enclosed space heightening the feel of claustrophobia and, perhaps, the urgent need to move too--and the second duet. The dancers are LIa Cirio, Paul Craig, and My'Kal Stromile and all quite wonderful in these video vignettes:




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