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Bournonville’s Napoli, Act I, Streaming Sunday 7/12/20 Only

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Act 1 of Napoli will be streaming for 24 hours, starting at 9AM PDT, Sunday 7/12/20.

Acts 2 and 3 will be streamed on Sunday, 7/19 and 7/26, respectively.

Note that this ballet is posted on the Phoenix Symphony YouTube site.


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This is apparently the 2015 production, which used the authentic Royal Danish Ballet lavish costumes and well-worn sets.

The costumes were flown in, and available well before the performance. The sets, on the other hand, were shipped on a slow boat, and, as luck would have it, encountered a longshoreman’s strike on Longbeach. They were in danger of being stuck on a ship for the performance. Apparently by the grace of the Madonna’s medallion, the sets were allowed in, and arrived just in time…


Gennaro, a fisherman                        Alejandro Mendez

Teresina, Veronica’s daughter          Arianni Martin

Veronica, a widow                              Kanako Imayoshi

Fra Ambrosio, a monk                       Joseph Cavanaugh

Giacomo, a macaroni seller             Carlos Valcarcel

Peppo, a lemonade seller                 Roman Zavarov

Giovana                                                Jessica Phillips

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Dancing the roles of Teresina and Gennaro in Napoli must be a portent of future marital bliss in real life. Alejandro and Arianni have since married, as have Jillian Barrell and Nayon Iovino, who also danced the leading couple. Perhaps there’s magic in the Blue Grotto!

And Joseph (Skip) seems to always play the monk to perfection, even to the point of being called back out of retirement, be it Romeo and Juliet or Napoli...

Stay tuned for the Blue Grotto (Act II) next Sunday!



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Cavanaugh was always one of my favorites, so to see him onstage in anything is a joy for me.  I'm so glad they bring him back!

They're just going to have to keep that Blue Grotto mojo going and keep reviving it :)

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