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Thursday, June 18

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Q&A with Vadim Muntagirov.


JP: For this occasion, under lockdown conditions, how have you managed to prepare the solo? Have you had anyone coaching you?

VM: I prepared myself. I met Kevin [O’Hare, artistic director] to talk about rehearsals – I couldn’t even give him a hug! We didn’t want to take any risks, so I’ve used the video I had of the [Ashton} masterclass four years ago. It’s a very emotional solo. Each time I’ve performed it I had different stories inside my head. Once, my story was about being alone without my parents, growing up without them, and trying to express that I missed them. This time, preparing for Saturday’s show, I do feel that loneliness and sadness, but being able to perform and actually to run around on stage by myself, even without an audience, will be quite special. I don’t think I will have to act much. My feelings will come out naturally.


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