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Ib Andersen’s Round – Streaming Sunday June 21, 2020 only

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Ballet Arizona is streaming the complete production of Round for 24 hours only, starting 9AM PDT, Sunday June 21, 2020.

Round was the second of Mr. Andersen’s work at the Desert Botanical Garden. It was performed on a circular stage, with four ramps for dancer entry/exit. The audience was evenly distributed on all four sides, so there literally was no ‘front’ of the stage.

Composers were Thomas Ades, Claude Debussy, J.S. Bach, and Maurice Ravel. Some more programmatic aspects of the music included elements of  Afternoon of a Faun and Daphnis et Chloé. Audiences (including myself), perhaps not being particularly familiar with the underlying stories/mythology, were somewhat hard-pressed to comprehend the action. Fortunately, Mr. Macaulay was able to provide some tidbits of explanation:

NY Times review of Round





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Music and Casting:

Three Studies After Couperin: Les Amusements
Music by Thomas Ades

Amber Lewis

Helio Lima, Randy Crespo, Roman Zavarov, Eric Hipolito Jr, Jackson Dwyer

Three Studies After Couperin: Les Tours de Passe-Passe
Music by Thomas Ades

Amber Lewis

Arianni Martin, Chelsea Teel, Michelle Vagi, Rochelle Anvik, Jessica Phillips, Alison Remmers, Lauren Flower

Music by Claude Debussy

Natalia Magnicaballi

Bri George, Sasha Vincett Naomi Tanioka, Sarah Walborn

Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun
Music by Claude Debussy

Nayon Iovino

Roman Zavarov, Eric Hipolito Jr., Jackson Dwyer, Randy Crespo, Brian Leonard, Randy Pacheco, Annier Navarro, Fan Shi

Suite No. 4 in E-flat, BWV1010: Sarabande
Music by J.S. Bach

Mimi Tompkins, Nayon Iovino

Daphnis et Chloe, Suite No. 2
Music by Maurice Ravel

1st Movement
Rochelle Anvik, Jessica Phillips, Chelsea Teel, Randy Crespo, Roman Zavarov, Jackson Dwyer, Brian Leonard, Eric Hipolito Jr., Helio Lima, Arianni Martin, Amber Lewis, Alejandro Mendez

2nd Movement
Jackson Dwyer, Natalia Magnicaballi, Helio Lima, Mimi Tompkins

Alllison Remmers, Lauren Flower, Michelle Vagi, Sasha Vincett, Ethan Price

3rd Movement
Jackson Dwyer, Helio Lima, Arianni Martin, Mimi Tompkins

Roman Zavarov, Eric Hipolito Jr. Annier Navarro, Fan Shi, Randy Crespo, Randy Pacheco, Brian Leonard, Michelle Vagi, Alison Remmers, Sasha Vincett, Lauren Flower, Amber Lewis, Chelsea Teel, Jessica Phillips, Rochelle Anvik


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