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RIP Sally Banes

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The Wendy Perron tribute that California referred to above has a link to a fascinating conversion between Sally Banes and Yvonne Rainer covering the early days of Judson Dance. Rainer says that the Judson dancers were reacting against their earlier Cunningham training, and that they had become "children of John" Cage, not Merce (Cunningham's curt words), which greatly amuses Banes. Talk took place at the Walker Art Center in 2001.




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When you have a moment, read Deborah Jowitt's tribute to Sally, and then read through the comments -- it's a litany of gratitude and glee.  We were lucky to have someone that made work so much fun, took the work seriously, and brought all the world to bear on her observations of such a slippery topic as dance.

All the writing is worth reading, but I'd like to give a little extra nudge for her contributions to Nelson George's "Fresh: Hip Hop Don't Stop" -- she was one of the first dance critics to seek out breakdancers and write about them as the phenomenal artists that they were and are. 

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