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Dance Flows — Nature Flows

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I’ve been watching a video of the Perm Ballet performing Giselle. These dancers have a wonderful lighter than air quality. Watching them reminds me of the flows of nature — the clouds, the waves of the ocean.

In a recent discussion and performance video of Isadora Duncan style dancing, the head of the company said that Isadora Duncan tried to find, feel and express the flows of nature within herself.

Here’s a lovely, somewhat related Dance/Nature collection of photos comparing dancers to flowers.


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I’ve thought about the lovely photos posted above of dancers in beautiful costumes and their resemblances to various lovely flowers.

The idea also occurred to me that a person or dancer can dress her or himself in the beautiful flows, forms and aura of nature without the need of a particular costume.

And of course it's worth mentioning that we are part of nature ourselves.

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Buddy, thank you for posting this link, I enjoyed looking at the photos and it interested me that the photographer is a woman.  I also noticed that all of the photos are of women and I think this is because of the costumes female dancers wear.  The costumes female dancers wear are more flowing than those of male dancers.  In some ballets males do wear skirts (kilts), for example in La Sylphide and sometimes in Le Corsaire.  Also, while male dancers in Diana and Acteon (really the story of Selene and Endymion), wear little, what they do wear do move as a small skirt, but generally this is not the case.  Anyway, again thank you.



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Thanks, Tom, for your kind words and thoughts about dance costumes.

I’ve been particularly impressed by Giselle’s (and the Wilis’) costume(s) in Act II of the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s “Creole Giselle.” For me, they once again evoke images of flowing air. Also they are transparent enough to show that the human body is a part of nature’s overall beauty, along with the ‘clothing’ of motion, expression, composer and state of mind.

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On 6/17/2020 at 5:59 AM, Tom47 said:

Buddy I was able to find a copy of “Creole Giselle” and watched the second act last night.



Glad that you got to see it, Tom. It's still available on the internet. I think that it's a fine production.

And once again....

Dance Flows -- Nature Flows


A little heavy in the final message, perhaps, but the video is lovely. Produced by George Liang (Project Sau:té) and dancers and orchestra members of Northern Ballet.

(Thanks to Jan McNulty at Balletco Forum)




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