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RDB offers free videos of ballet performances

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Like so many other companies the RDB has chosen to present a long row of their ballet production on video during the Corona-period. That means that a lot of goodies are now available online, some of which you would otherwise never have come near. You find them all here: https://kglteater.dk/xtra/forestillinger/?section=31873. They are not all meant for public display, and are therefore not perfectly filmed, but this way you get to see performances which would else have been kept an inhouse secret.

Recommendable is above all a splendid "Romeo and Juliet" with Andreas Kaas and Ida Praetorius, and a charming rarity like "Ballo della Regina" by Balanchine, performed with dazzling esprit. The latter you find under the title "Dronning Margrethes 80-års fødselsdagsgave".

Beside many ballet performances you'll find some fine opera perforamnces as well.



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I found the imperfections in the Ballo recording slight, much too slight to prevent it from giving me just the lift I needed!  Dazzling esprit, yes!  Very true to the original.  So much of the original is here I could quibble abut the conspicuous absence of any suggestion of a grotto like the one made by the original mother-of-pearl backdrop - just an infinite arctic space.  But oh what dancing!  So often, it's Balanchine in the local style; here, it's Balanchine very close to his style.  

And good to see Merrill Ashley, who originated the ballerina part, come out with a smile at the end, too; having staged this, she had a lot to smile about. 

Many thanks, Anne!

nycvillager, speaking of grottoes, was that Napoli you just saw in this RDB list?  I couldn't find it here.

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The dead hand of Hubbe strikes again. Fortunately the earlier versions have been preserved on film and, one hopes, notation, so they can be revived for future generations, at least physically. Whether the style can survive is another matter.

But I did like the scenery and some of the costumes.

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