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Ballet Arizona Streaming Samba – April 26, 2020 Only

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Ib Andersen’s Rio, an audience favorite from 2017, will be streaming for 24 hours, starting at 9am on Sunday, April 26, 2020.



Philip Glass’s Days and Nights in Rocinha provides the sultry slow-boil underpinnings of Mr. Andersen’s choreography. Of the work, Mr. Glass has said:

“Rocinha is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro famous for its lively cultural life and especially its “samba school” (whose appearance is the highpoint of the “Carnival” every year). I often visited Rocinha during the weeks before “Carnival” and have always been moved and delighted by its unique environment. Days and Nights in Rocinha is my musical impression and tribute to this place.”

Here's an insightful review of the piece from the Phoenix New Times:


Bottom line: A Dane’s take on a Brazilian theme by a Jewish composer – How can you resist!!

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