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I just got an email from SFB and it's also posted on the SFB FB page about the promotions and new dancers.

Promoted to principal dancer:

Max Cauthorn  

Wona Park


Promoted to soloist:

Ellen Rose Hummell

Diego Cruz (a special yippee for Diego)

Myles Thatcher

Lucas Erni


New dancers:

Nikisha Fogo joins as principal; she was formerly with the Vienna State Opera Ballet

Luca Ferro, SunMin Lee, Alexis Aiudi, Olivia Brothers, Pemberly Ann Olsen, Andris Kundzins, Gregory Myles, and ALexis Valdes join the corps de ballet

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21 hours ago, yodasan said:

A bit late I know but - are apprentices considered to be in the corps?

Yes, they basically have the same roles and responsibilities, but without the same salary.  😉 

"As apprentices, dancers will take Company class and perform corps de ballet roles in SF Ballet productions"

So it's kind of a trial period, but also a learning period for those young dancers.

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