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remainder of 2020 season cancelled

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I wandered over to the NBOC website the other day and read that the remainder of the season had been cancelled.  Although I've been a subscriber for over 20 years I did not receive notification of this via e-mail.  The company also messed up with notifying me of the March cancellations (sent the notice to an old e-mail address), which I subsequently clarified via telephone and the member portion of the website - so I really don't understand why they can't get my e-mail correct.  Perhaps they've downsized office staff at this time.  If this is the case, perhaps they should make that public and I'd adjust my expectations accordingly...

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I am a single-ticket buyer, not a subscriber, and I received an email about the cancellation, although I hadn't yet bought tickets for Swan Lake. So I think we can assume the office is short-staffed, and your address hadn't been updated on the master mailing list. In reality I learned of the cancellation through social media. 

This is a problem faced by box offices worldwide, as employees are supposed to be holed up at home. The other day the re-opening date for the Bolshoi Theater was pushed back by three weeks while Moscow is under lockdown and all non-essential workers, which includes box office staff, are supposed to be at home. Although the remainder of the season hasn't been cancelled, the theater has suspended all future ticket sales, presumably in case it has to deal with a third wave of cancellations and refunds while there is no one in the office to process them. Incidentally, I had tickets for Bolshoi shows that were cancelled, and while refunds were issued automatically, I didn't receive an email informing me that the performances had been called off. That information went out on social media, and since I had been expecting announcements to that effect, I was following developments.

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I also received an email from NBOC which linked directly to my account so that I could choose what option I wanted (donate, voucher, forget what the third one was, but it wasn't "refund".)

I think we should cut all box office staff some slack. I was communicating recently with Berlin State Ballet and my contact there told me they had 58,000 ticket cancellations to process and yes they're trying to do that from home.

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