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RIP Willy Burmann

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NYT obit


With a sharp wit and a dry, sometimes withering delivery, Mr. Burmann could get to the essence of a dancer, ballet or otherwise. His advanced professional ballet class, which he started teaching in 1984 at Steps on Broadway, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, drew dancers from the modern dance world, too.



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As a former dance student of Willy Burmann's, I'm extremely  saddened to learn of his passing. Although it's years ago, approx. early to middle '80s, I still fondly remember him.  He was a wonderful dance instructor, I enjoyed his Ballet classes, exploring & experiencing his amazing, unique Ballet techniques, his own creative styles, the BEST in the City. As much as I LOVED to DANCE, and study DANCE in variety, at the time,  I was NEVER a Pro-Dancing Girl. With that said, it was an Honor to work w/ The Maestro. Prior to when The Maestro STEPPED in to join STEPS. However, as I STEPPED into STEPS as well, I could NOT return to his Ballet classes, at the time, as they were ALL on an Advanced Level.   I can see tho, when observing his Ballet classes, and in the halls, how very POPULAR, and so well LOVED he was, and very much NEEDED among the many Advanced & Pro Dancing Students, and STEPS Staff Team ..  RIP, Willy, and keep on DANCING. YOU shall be MISSED.  Those Were Certainly The Days. Tho, the MEMORIES of YOU, from a long time ago, shall FOREVER REMAIN


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