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The Traveling Ballerina

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affects the Ballet World

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Consideration for other people was never Wagner's forte.

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2 hours ago, pherank said:

The arrangements make sense from an healthcare point of view, but this would certainly make for an even greater revenue loss for North American companies to discontinue intermission periods. Not to mention no restroom break.¬† ūüėČ
I wonder if the performance times are shorter too?

Temperature checks are a very imperfect means of virus control, so it's good that everyone on the premises is being forced to wear a mask.

This was a typical Mariinsky¬†‚Äúgala‚ÄĚ performance, Pherank. You can judge what the length might be. I would say one and a half to two hours, but all the ‚ÄėStars‚Äô are there.


I. Pas de deux from Act III of the ballet The Sleeping Beauty

Performed by Maria Khoreva and Vladimir Shklyarov

II. Highlight from the ballet Carmen-Suite

Performed by Ekaterina Kondaurova and Yevgeny Ivanchenko

III. Pas de deux from Act II of the ballet Giselle

Performed by Olesya Novikova and Philipp Stepin

IV. Adagio from the scene The Dream from Act I of the ballet Raymonda

Performed by Alina Somova and Xander Parish

V. Duet from the ballet Le Parc

Performed by Nadezhda Batoeva and Konstantin Zverev

VI. The Dying Swan

Performed by Anastasia Matvienko

VII. Pas de deux from Act III of the ballet Don Quixote

Performed by Viktoria Tereshkina and Kimin Kim


The last ballet for the season, August 5, will be the first regular one, La Sylphide, which runs 1 hour 40 minutes with one interval. I don’t recall it requiring a large corps de ballet.

The article also states that the audience is very cooperative about keeping assigned seats. It’s common practice at the Mariinsky for folks with less expensive seats to try to move up to better ones, so this is good to hear.

Also the article describes extensive surface cleaning for the first training classes anyway. The importance of this has been lowered in my reading from face to face contact, but it’s probably better to do more of something than less.


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It's summer, so outdoors seems like a logical way to go. Here's some excerpts from --¬†¬†'Companies Are Rethinking Live Performance‚ÄĒand Coming Up With Many Creative Solutions'

We all know it's safer to be outside and socially distanced, but that doesn't mean we are confined to an outdoor stage with chairs placed six feet apart.

EPISODE #1: REVERBERATION, choreographed by Scott, for an audience of bicyclists and pedestrians, sprawled out over three blocks on a balmy June 13 Florida morning with 24 dancers spaced 20 feet apart on the shaded sidewalks of an artsy St. Petersburg neighborhood.

Subsequent pop ups will take place in urban and park settings that provide a safe environment for audiences and performers. Wevers is being especially diligent on taking temperatures, asking questions and even researching a more breathable mask for dancing.

Now for the tricky part: to keep the performers safe. "Climbing all over each other is our physical language, so we can't really do what we do," she says. "The challenge is to maintain our language in a safe way.


(Thanks to Jan McNulty at BalletcoForum)

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On 3/12/2020 at 1:18 PM, abatt said:

I really wanted to see Lisette Oropessa in Traviata but the remaining  performances this season  are cancelled.  Fortunately she will return next season for a few Traviata performances.

:offtopic: Oropesa singing "Addio del passato" in Madrid earlier this week. And then singing it again by popular demand.


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thanks for posting the Oropesa clip.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone do an encore of that aria.

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