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Danny Tidwell RIP


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According to Tidwell’s brother, Travis Wall, he has passed away.

I remember him from ABT, especially in Le Spectre de la Rose. What a beautiful jump he had. I was very sad when he left the company, he had such talent and potential.


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Any word on how he died?  I hope it wasn't suicide.

Travis Wall was Danny Tidwell's brother - his mother adopted Danny.  Finding one's way in the world can be very difficult for black kids adopted into white families.  I remember when Danny left ABT and competed on So You Think You Can Dance.  The judges seemed dedicated to trying humble him and bring his spirit down,  maybe because he obviously didn't just think he could dance,  he knew he could,  far better than any of the other contestants. He should have won.  When he didn't I stopped watching the show.

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Of course the headlines associate Tidwell with So You Think You Can Dance.  Another example:



Except for individual videos, I stopped watching the US version of So You Think You Can Dance when Nigel told the audience to not vote for Cyrus Spencer, leaving the title to a ballet-trained dancer who morphed into the kind of soggy contemporary dancer the judges love so much. #butimnotbitter It was just more of #sameasiteverwas

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3 hours ago, On Pointe said:

Travis Wall was Danny Tidwell's brother - his mother adopted Danny.

Thank you. I think I learned this a long time ago as it now sounds familiar, but I didn’t remember it when I made the initial post.

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Very sad. He was a wonderful dancer. I loved watching him at ABT and he was the best dancer I think that was ever on SYTYCD. He should have won that season but the judges called him "haughty" ever show.But more than that, he should have had a very long life.  Very sad for his family and friends. 

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