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How Performing Artists Deal with a Possible Pandemic

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A recent NYT article:

When the Show Must Go On, Even Amid a Coronavirus Outbreak
Learning to perform without live audiences, or sometimes even theaters, as artists adapt to trying circumstances.

'While the coronavirus has taken a big toll on the arts world in terms of closed venues and canceled events, it has also spurred plenty of show-must-go-on creativity in some of the hardest-hit areas, as performers and organizations have tried to adapt to trying circumstances.
The outbreak forced the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to cancel all of its concerts in February and March and left its musicians working from home, so they began posting master classes on their WeChat page, along with informal videos showing the players practicing at home and playlists designed to help people under quarantine “fight boredom at home.”'


Many large businesses that had conferences scheduled at this time of year have moved their meetings online instead. I do wonder if some of these new outreach projects actually end up lasting well beyond this pandemic period.

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