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Wallcast Concert: Stravinsky and Balanchine

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I was watching MCB and the New World Symphony (led by MIchael Tilson Thomas) in the Stravinsky and Balanchine: Apollo and Violin Concerto Wallcast Concert last night (on medici.tv). I wondered if anyone had gone to see this event in person.


I'm still collecting my impressions together about the performance. I do feel bad for the audience members seated directly behind the stage - I hope those were inexpensive seats.  ;)

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Yes, this is the abbreviated version of the ballet, and it begins with such a long period of music that one forgets there's going to be a ballet shown too.  😉

I've never liked this version of the choreography - simply cutting to Apollo furiously swinging his arm about the lute (without the instrument being presented to him by the Muses) is just too abrupt for me.

I think part of what is going on in this presentation, is that Michael Tilson Thomas restores all the music that Balanchine actually cut for his minimized version of Apollo. So the dancing fits into the musical scheme a bit oddly. But if anyone has seen this Wallcast presentation live, and knows the Apollo versions well, then maybe they can comment on how the music is matching with the dancing.

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