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Assemblé and brisé...?

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When I do assemblé and brisé, they seem the same jumps to me, I think they're really similar, and I can't recognize the differences. Can someone please explain me the differences between the two? Thanks as always :)

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As I was taught, brisé brushes from 5th back, does a battu in front, and lands 5th back. (Or the reverse: brushes from the front, battu back, land front.) (Or lands 4th instead of 5th.)

Assemblé can be done any direction, of course. Changé or sans changé. An assemblé battu, however, is closest to brisé but brushes from the back, battu back, and lands front. Or brushes from the front, battu front, lands back. 

...I sometimes teach confused students that a brisé is sort of like entrechat-quatre: beat and land in the same 5th you started. But assemblé battu is like a royale: beat and land in the other 5th. I don't know if that will help you! Good luck!

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A Brisé is a glissade through fourth that is "broken" by a beat... so the carriage of the weight/jump is different from an assemblé.  I would say there is more floating upward elevation in an assemblé battu than in a brisé which more of a traveling step along the ground. Brisé volé is a little different, but that really isn't an assemble as it is landed on one leg, not two assembled together.  

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Brise has both legs going out in a 1 2 sequence with the beat in the out position.  Front has slight weight shift to out with a slight lean. Assemble 1 leg goes out and the other leg is still centered- no torso shift. Legs don't meet or beat in out. 

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