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RIP Elyse Borne

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NYCB just sent out a Tweet mourning the passing of Elyse Borne.

The New York City Ballet family mourns the passing of former Soloist Elyse Borne. As a répétiteur for the Balanchine Trust, she shared the legacy of Balanchine's choreography along with kind guidance and encouragement with dancers around the world. She will be missed.
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And she was one of the busiest Balanchine répétiteurs.

Mathilde Froustey just posted a personal tribute:

Thank you for everything you taught me, thank you for pushing me to jump higher, dance faster and turn better.
Thank you for making me laugh so much.
Now you are gone I can’t stop myself from thinking that I should have ask you more details, repeat more time this step, have you tell more anecdotes and just spend more time with you.
I will remember all my life when I was struggling with this role and instead of having me doing again and again you told me to take my pointe shoes off and put me in front of the television watching an old version from NYCity Ballet. For 2 hours !!! I’ll miss you Elyse."



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A posting by Vanessa Zahorian:

"I can’t even begin to express my sadness and heartbreak of hearing about Elyse Borne’s passing. A great George Balanchine Trustee, friend, mentor, ballet mistress, coach, sister, mother etc... It has shocked my body. Brought out all of the memories we had together. I met her back when I first joined San Francisco Ballet at the young age of 18 years old. She taught me many of the great Balanchine master pieces. She saw me at my best and worst. Helped me through good and bad times personally and professionally. She was humorous and positive and always found the good in any situation. Nothing was negative. I tried to help her also when she was feeling down during her illness. She would ask for my advice. I knew that I needed to give back to her with what she gave to me. She helped me to feel confident in all of the principal roles I danced and to feel beautiful and that I knew the count I needed to be on. During 911, I was with her in this photo when we were in Barcelona and decided to go explore outside of the city to the sea by train. That is when we were having lunch altogether and found out about the planes hitting the twin towers and we were in shock together like it was a horror film that wasn’t true. We felt scared together being in a foreign country so far from home. I have dresses she gave to me because we were similar in size. I remember her saying, “I cant eat that I will get fat but all I ever want to eat are potato chips and red wine.” She always was a toothpick but thought she was fat. She told me when she found out about her cancer that she didn't want to give up her work that she wanted to die in the studio working. She lived for setting Balanchine Ballets all over the world and that she did. She touched so many dancers and colleagues lives that will forever be imprinted in our minds. RIP Elyse. I love you so much forever! I will always remember you counting out loud when I was dancing! You always knew your counts. Rubies lead, Tarantella, Agon, Symphony and C, Symphony and 3 movements, western symphony, stars and stripes, theme and variations, emeralds pas de trois, 4 temperaments, who cares to name a few I worked with Elyse on Balanchine’s rep."



And one by Frances Chung:

I will miss your wit, your style and your unwavering support. I am most sad because you only got to meet Forest while he was still in my belly. I hope to do you proud always. -your asian daughter❤️


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