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Dance International drops print edition


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The Vancouver Ballet Society announced that it is discontinuing the print edition of its long-term magazine, and shifting it to fully online.  It sounds like they'll try to keep the same mix of coverage, but it's still a sad milestone.  Here's the official notice.


Dear Dance International Subscribers,

These are hard times for print publications, as you all likely know, and Dance International is no exception. We have had several serious financial setbacks over the last couple of years, including the loss of our international distribution when our main newsstand chain cut smaller titles, such as ours, due to shrinking newsstand space. Printing and mailing costs have endlessly increased; advertisers have moved toward online opportunities; and there is more and more demand for online reading material, with its easy access and timeliness.

With all this in mind, the Vancouver Ballet Society, which is the founding publisher of Dance International magazine, has made the heartbreaking decision to cease print publication.  The Winter 2019 issue will be our last.

There is good news. VBS will continue to support DI’s website. Kaija Pepper will stay on as editor, commissioning features, reviews and our popular city reports. I hope you will continue to read us there. After more than forty years, although the change is difficult, VBS is so pleased to have the online forum of
www.danceinternational.org to continue our legacy of bringing dance without borders to readers around the world.

All of us at VBS will definitely miss our beautiful print quarterly, which has been such a labour of love for everyone. We didn’t expect it to keep going as long as we did, but managed to stay afloat with the help of our loyal subscribers, advertisers and government funders.
Very best wishes,
Maureen Allen
Board President, Vancouver Ballet Society

Publisher of Dance International
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