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writer who likes ballet

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I am interested in ballet perhaps because I know so little about it.

I want to understand how a ballet is constructed, how its plot is communicated; the relationship between its narrative and the scenes and dances.

As an artist, l think it's bad luck to talk about specific projects before they are completed.

Some of my favorite dance works are Carlos Suarez's version of Carmen and The Lovers of Teruel, the French film.

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Welcome to Ballet Alert! schriftsteller!

Saura's "Carmen" is one of my favorite films.  I've never seen the stage show, which is different: for one thing, Hoyos did portray/dance Carmen in the stage version.

I have to warn you head of time that you are going to find a lot of discussion about projects before they are finished, particularly in the Company forums, as people anticipate new productions/choreography, and especially in the Links forum, as this kind of discussion is what previews are made of.  

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What she said! 

I love Saura's flamenco films, especially El amor brujo. 

And yes, people here in the neighborhood talk about works-in-progress a lot!

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Thanks to Helene and Sandik for responding. 

Perhaps I was not clear in my post. I meant that I avoid commmenting on my own works before they are finished. 


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Ah, now that's something i can sympathize with.  I'm a dance critic, and try hard not to read any of my colleague's commentary before I finish my own work -- I'm a real sponge.

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