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Loign difficulty (Bolshoi's website)


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Bolshoi's website will not allow me to login- I've tried resetting the password, creating a new account- even going as far as emailing their box office in hopes that they might assist me, though, unsurprisingly, they were of no help. Does anyone also have this problem ? 

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@Sebastien I just tried logging in and was successful. However, the site has become even more difficult to use since ReCaptcha screens were introduced during the log-in and when putting tickets into your shopping basket. 

Are you getting the awful ReCaptcha screens? Unfortunately you can't proceed without them. 

When this change was first made, I could log in only through the Russian version of the site. After that I could switch back to the English interface.

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Yes ! I think its the ReCaptcha screens that are preventing me from logging in- I'd click on it, it would glitch a little, then it'd say that I've passed it without me taking the test- and when I would try to proceed logging in, I'd be redirected to a white screen that says I've failed to log on. 

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Whatever browser you're using, I suggest trying another browser.  Websites are not always compatible with all of the features of all browsers or, within any browser, all versions of that browser.  ReCaptcha is often an issue.  When Google switched it's Captcha paradigm, we had a bunch of messages to say that registration here was impossible.

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