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David Zaleyev


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Recently I have discovered that amazingness that is David Zaleyev, Second Soloist at Mariinsky.  Last weekend I saw him in the pas de trois in Emeralds and he was one of the best male dancers on stage that entire evening. 

Here he is with Renata Shakirova in a 2017 performance of The Nutcracker.  It makes me wonder why he isn't a first soloist yet.  In my opinion he is quite a versatile dancer.  He can do roles such as Mercutio, The Jester in Legend of Love, Broze Idol, The Hooligan and then be a princely cavalier in the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.  Mariinsky has a wealth of male (and female) talent in the soloist ranks.



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He was a wonderful Hooligan when I saw him in the role  - technically brilliant, and truly rough around the edges in character, instead of being a bit too much like an Oliver Twist type as some are.  Truly poignant in his acting.   A very talented boy.  

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He is good in solo technique (which declined a bit after his recent injury. His golden idol was more impressive in 2015 than Costa Mesa tour two weeks ago).

However, I have to say, he not good at partnering and acting. 

If you can find his video clips with Anastasia Lukina, his disadvantages were obvious. Lukina nearly fell off his arms in Act II and he knocked her off pointe in Act III. He jumped around like a kid to accept the applause after Act III variation when he was supposed to keep the royal charm of his character. 

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